Wastewater Treatment Facility

Hilvan - Şanlıurfa, 2016

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Seydişehir Suğla - Konya, 2016

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility

Bozyazı - Mersin, 2014

Fresh Water Treatment Systems

Lapseki Çardak - Çanakkale, 2016

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Pınarbaşı - Kayseri, 2014

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility

İSU Tavşancıl - Kocaeli, 2013

Biological Package Treatment

Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing


With the active participation of its employees, our company offers products and services in accordance with the requirements of customers, is committed to providing the level of quality to exceed expectations.

STS Arıtma is active in the fields of the Treatment Systems and Environmental Technologies; has experienced and dynamic staff on Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Design & Engineering Services, Turnkey Projects, Treatment Facilities, Application and Contracting Services, Steel and Construction Works of Treatment Facilities, Technical Service & Installation. STS Arıtma has entrepreneurial spirit and high quality and high speed of service principle to its customers.

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