There is sand in water coming to water treatment facilities. Sand separators are designed to reduce the impact of abrasive sand.

Sand is abrasive. In order to protect the pumps and mechanical equipments in treatment facilities, sand must be seperated from wastewater in intake structure of the treatment facility. In order to seperate sand from the wastewater, We should place sand holder and sand separator units in intake structure. Sand goes to the bottom of the sand holder with gravity during the process. The settled sand is transferred to sand separators by pumps. Then, sand is seperated from water completely. Sand separators consist of frame, auger, wear plate and driving group.

The sand which is accumulated in the conical part of the sand separators, is removed from the sand separators with the help of the auger.

Spiral Sand Seperator

  • Spiral Sand Seperator

Sands coming from the sand holders include a greate amount of water. That’s why these sands must be dewatered. STS sand seperators, can seperate of sand and water by using shaftless auger machine with high efficiency. By getting more dry sand, you can reduce the storage volume and transportation costs.

Washable Sand Seperator

  • Washable Sand Seperator

If sand is stored for a long time, sands taken from sand holders may cause odor problem. Because, they include organic substances. That’s why, sand – water mixture taken from sand holders should be washed. You can decrease the amount of organic substances in the mixture in this way. By getting more dry sand, you can decrease the storing volume. Washable Sand Seperator consists of sand seperator, mixer, sand seperator with auger, water spray system and other other accessories.