The quality water needs of the industry can be obtained by properly conditioned water. Wastewater which is left to enviroment after use by the industrial organizations must be purified with some processes before discharge. STS Arıtma with its innovative technology and superior engineering approach, offers you to increase your quality of work in the industrial areas with effective solutions which is special for you. STS Arıtma designs and builds wastewater treatment facilities which purify waste water in accordance with relevant regulations. Industrial wastewater treatment facilities, can be concrete facilities or package facilities depending on their flow rate. Physical, chemical, biological, and advanced treatment methods are the techniques which are used for the treatment of industrial waste water.

IS Series Water Softening Systems

These systems are used to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause water hardness by using strong cationic resin. High water hardness makes limestone in installations which use water at high temperatures such as heating equipment, hot water heater installations, steam boilers. This limestone clog up the pipes and equipment and causes an increase in energy consumption and heat loss. The damages caused by water hardness can be prevented in this way. IS Units can be single or tandem. In this systems, fully automated valve sets are used. Systems can be controlled according to timer or flow rate.


  • Corrosion Resistant FRP (fiber-wound) Casing
  • Protective Cover for Salt Tank
  • Programrammable Automatic Valf
  • Flow and Time Control
  • Automatic Backwash Time Adjuster
  • 3-6 Bar Working Pressure
  • Max. 10 Bar Test Pressure
  • Max. 40 °C Operating Temperature
  • Resin Mineral Compatible with Food Regulations
  • Power Supply 220 V/50 Hz