The aim of the Sludge dewatering system is to reduce the amount of water in sludge. Sludge coming to Sludge Dewatering System includes only 3 % of solid material. At the end of the sludge dewatering unit, slugde includes 22 % of solid material.During the process some chemicals are added into the sludge. By using these chemicals, The amount of water in the sludge is decreased. Sludge covers less volume and can be carried more easily.

  • Belt Press
  • Belt Press
  • Belt Press
  • Belt Press

Belt Press is preferred in municipal and organized industrial zones, because of its low energy cost and continously operating system feature. Belt Press is high capacity equipment and it dewaters sludge with using high drum pressure and pressure resistant cloth.

Belt Press can be run without interruption and has low energy costs. Belt press is a mechanical dewatering equipment.

Material Options

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel + Epoxy Coating
  • Carbon Steel + Hot Dip Galvanized


  • High Efficiency
  • Compakt Design
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Low initial investment costs and low operating costs
  • Durable steel construction