The quality water needs of the industry can be obtained by properly conditioned water. Wastewater which is left to enviroment after use by the industrial organizations must be purified with some processes before discharge. STS Arıtma with its innovative technology and superior engineering approach, offers you to increase your quality of work in the industrial areas with effective solutions which is special for you. STS Arıtma designs and builds wastewater treatment facilities which purify waste water in accordance with relevant regulations. Industrial wastewater treatment facilities, can be concrete facilities or package facilities depending on their flow rate. Physical, chemical, biological, and advanced treatment methods are the techniques which are used for the treatment of industrial waste water.

Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafiltration system is one of the membrane solutions that have significant advantages in spring water and potable water treatment. Ultrafiltration systems which have membranes of 0.01 micron pore diameter can purify your water from virus, bacteria, turbidity and other microorganisms without using any chemicals. STS Arıtma Ultrafiltration Systems are designed by using high - tech membranes of the market leading manufacturers.


  • Vertical Type Membrane Modul
  • Stainless Steel Backwash Pumps
  • Chemical Wash – Backwash Units
  • Electric Actuated Valves
  • Infeed Digital Flowrate
  • Manometer
  • Pressure Transmitters For Differential Pressure Control
  • PLC Based Controller and Operator Panel
  • AISI 304 SS Frame